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6 Cafes in Medellín That Make the Perfect Workspace

I’m in no way a coffee connoisseur which is why I’m writing about the cafes in Medellín that make good workspaces not about which had the best slow drip, double filtered, served in a Chemex (no clue) cup of coffee. What I will say is that Colombians take their coffee very seriously, so you would be hard pressed to find a bad cup of coffee in the posh cafes that line the streets of El Poblado and Laureles.

Here are my top 6 picks for cafes in Medellín that double as the perfect workspace.

Velvet Cafe – Via Primavera, El Poblado

Velvet Cafe was my go-to cafe while I was in Medellín. Located a short 5 minute walk from where I lived, it was the perfect place to post up for the morning and get some work done.

Velvet Cafe is basically a coworking space. On any given day there are tons of people there working, having their daily spanish lesson or just enjoying a good cup of coffee.

The space is airy and on a nice sunny day gets quite light. On more overcast days it can get a little dark inside but still remains cozy. The cafe is very posh with nice wood tables, cool artwork and those types of couches that look really cool but aren’t functional at all.

The staff at Velvet Cafe are amazing. They were so friendly and willing to work with my basic Spanish. They serve up the coffee with love and my lattes in a really really big glass <3

The WIFI is great even when the cafe was filled with other people working. The only thing that is lacking is the number of plugs available. I have a Mac and only ever worked there half the day so I was fine but if you plan on putting in a long day you might be hard pressed to find somewhere to charge up.

Botanika Lounge – Via Primavera, El Poblado

I unknowingly walked by Botanika Lounge a few times before I ever went in. After a recommendation from a friend I decided to go there for lunch and needless to say I was hooked. Botanika was my go to lunch spot. For any of you that follow me on Instagram you know how good the food looks!

This cafe was one of my favs because it has a little bit of everything that I LOVE. Tropical House playlist on loop (I mean what more do you need), some of the best food I had while in Medellín and the BEST limonada coco drink ever (obsessed). I basically felt like I was transported to a tropical paradise every time I was there.

Its also a great place to work. The cafe is mostly outdoors, covered and surrounded by lush greenery so its very zen and the plants give the outdoor space more privacy. The plug and WIFI situation is awesome, no issues there.

And bonus! They also have infused cold brew, so hipster and so amazing.

Hija Mia – Manila 

Hija Mia’s interior design and vibe is just as cute and inviting as its name. The two ladies who run it are awesome and so friendly. It has both a cozy indoor space and an awesome outdoor patio. The indoor seating is covered in this amazing blue velvet upholstery and lined with bright yellow pillows.

The coffee is amazing and for good reason, they roast their own beans right there in the cafe. This is a popular cafe so I recommend getting their early to make sure you get a spot.

The WIFI is great and there are plenty of plugs inside if you need to charge your devices.

Tomasa y Al Alma – Manila

The Tomasa y Al Alma cafes have a bunch of locations. I visited their Provenza, Manila and La Strada locations. I preferred the Manila location but they all make really good workspaces.

If you can’t find a spot at Hija Mia or you just want a nearby lunch option, check out Tomasa y Al Alma. Their Manila location is just down the street from Hija Mia.

This cafe has amazing natural light and the interior is comfy and inviting. It’s usually not too busy which I found nice as I prefer quieter workspaces.

The WIFI was super reliable and there were enough plugs to make due with. They have great coffee but I would also recommend trying their breakfast.


Pergamino – Via Primavera, El Poblado

You will find Pergamino on every list of best cafes in Medellín. Pergamino is known for having the best coffee in El Poblado. They also have a small but delicious food menu and assorted pasties that are hard to resist!

I choose to work at Pergamino on really nice days because their outdoor seating is the best in the area. The inside is actually quite dark so I didn’t really like working inside.

The WIFI here is very reliable but you will be hard pressed to find a plug, there might be one or two in the whole cafe.

Bonus! Allow yourself a cheat day or #treatyoself to one of their amazing frappes. I had the vanilla frappe with caramel. It even comes in a mason jar, perfection.

Algarabía – Laureles

I wanted to venture out of the El Poblado bubble so I decided to go work in Laureles one day so I could check out Algarabia and enjoy a change of scenery.

Algarabia is set alongside the very quaint Parque Laureles. This area has a ton of cafes but Algarabia definitely stands out. From the colorful bricks out front to the mesmerizing graphic pastel wall to the little sunny nook in the back, this cafe was perfection.

So many lovely seating areas, it was hard to choose! There is a cute little patio in the front of the cafe that is surrounded by greenery, tables alongside the amazing pastel wall and even a little seating area in the back perfectly lite by the sun shining in from the skylights.
The WIFI was great and there was plenty of places to plugin if needed.

By echmelik, May 1, 2017
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