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The Early Stages of a Travel Addiction

I didn’t realize until sitting down to write this blog that my travel addiction actually began long before I started traveling regularly.

When I was young I was very fortunate to travel abroad for the first few times with my family on trips to London and Spain. I remember being in awe of the old world architecture, different landscapes and unique cultures these places had to offer.

Before I graduated high school I was already dreaming of new places and experiences outside the comfort of my hometown. I think I visited almost 10 colleges and applied to 1 that was in my home state of Illinois. While minor, these were the first stages of a future filled with wanderlust.

From Wanderluster to Digital Nomad

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when travel went from a hobby to obsession to full-time lifestyle, it’s certainly been a journey, one I’m excited to share with you!

The mindset that travel only happens a few weeks out of the year (if we’re lucky) was never a mindset I subscribed to. In fact most believe that travel can wait until we’re retired, excuse me, what? In life we’re not guaranteed anything, what if I don’t make it that far?

I remember reading the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and the point where he talks about mini retirements throughout life really stuck with me. What if we could just take big trips throughout life? Even more, what if travel and work could fit seamlessly together?

As I sit writing this in a cafe in Medellin, Colombia I have to stop and pinch myself. I’m actually living that life that just a short while ago I thought was unrealistic and out of reach.

Two years ago I didn’t even know what a digital nomad lifestyle was and now I’m fully living it. Digital nomad is a buzzword that is thrown around a lot these days and trust me it’s a lifestyle that is more attainable today than ever before. 

Have Compass Will Travel

I’ve tried various times throughout my travel experiences to start and maintain travel blogs and failed. Mostly due to self doubt I’m sure. Those sneaky thoughts that wtf am I doing this when no one is reading it?

This time is different though. After almost 2 years of continuous travel, I’ve learned so much! All that knowledge is not doing  anyone any good just sitting in my head where I know for sure it will be forgotten.

What can you expect from Have Compass Will Travel? Well, a little bit of everything! If you don’t like variety then you’ve come to the wrong blog. I will cover everything from travel tips on places I’ve been to the ups and downs of living a digital nomad lifestyle to how to obtain that lifestyle and more.

Welcome to my creation, my tiny little corner of the internet, glad you’re here! 

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Hey there! I'm Erin.
Welcome to Have Compass Will Travel, an adventure and lifestyle blog that follows me from one adventure to another while I share the tips and tricks to living a life of more with less. I'm Erin, a Chicago native who has traveled to over 20 countries. In the last two years I set myself free of material commitments such as rent and car payments to live a flexible lifestyle that allows me to travel, work and save money!
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